How to Get A Payoneer Card

Payoneer Mastercard is a worldwide authorized Mastercard which can get you one totally free. But do you know how to get a payoneer mastercard card in an easy way within a short time?

If you follow my instruction, you can owner of a payonner mastercard with $25 preload when you will active your card first time with minimum $100 load. That is really cool.

To get your payoneer mamstercard just go here to sign up properly: Payoneer Mastercard Application.

There are only 4 steps to get a Payoneer card easily:

  1. Payoneer Account Registration- Personal Details
  2. Payoneer Account Registration- Contact Details
  3. Payoneer Account Registration- Security Details
  4. Payoneer Account Registration- Almost Done!

If you follow theme you will be a gainer person. Fill up the Payoneer Mastercard application properly without any wrong information. You will be penalized if you put any wrong information. So be careful.

But if you face any problem, don’t hesitate to write us. Thanks.