Payoneer Mastercard Application

Payoneer Master Card Application Page

Do you really want to get a Payoneer MasterCard? So you need to know how to get a FREE Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard. Here, I will say you how to get your own Payoneer MasterCard Free by follow my instructions. If you are interested about a FREE MasterCard you can read this article step by step.

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Payoneer Master Card Application Page

Benefit of Payoneer MasterCard

  • This Payoneer MasterCard is available for users in over 200 countries. So you are not out of bound of a Payoneer Free MasterCard.
  • You can get this MasterCard even if you have not bank account also you can owner of a American Bank Account.
  • You will not need any bank solvency certificate or bank deposit to get this MasterCard Free.
  • You can buy anything from online including Online Shopping, buy laptops, Buy mobile, gadgets, pay online bill or similar anything by this Payoneer Master Card.
  • You can withdraw money by this Master Card from any ATM Booths who support Master Card.
  • You can use this mastercard anywhere in the world.
  • You can use Payoneer MasterCard to buy domain & hosting from worlwide famous hosting & domain providers.
  • You can get your freelance earned money from any countries of the world.
  • So now, the question is: How to Get a Free Master Card in Inida, Pakistan, Bangladesh and 200 other countries? Well, get free mastercard in just 4 steps as below:

    Step # 01: Payoneer Account Registration (Sign Up) – Personal Details

    See the below screenshot the first step of payoneer mastercard application to get a master card free. Go to here: Click Payoneer MasterCard Application Sign Up Page

    Payoneer Mastercard Sign Up Registration

    Here you need to input your personal information as your described in your Government Photo ID card or in your Passport.

    Step # 02: Payoneer Account Registration (Sign Up) – Contact Details

    This part is about your contact details. You must enter your personal contact details. Once your application will be approved and you will notify by your contact. So these information will be right & permanent of you.

    Payoneer MasterCard Sign Up Registration

    Step # 03: Payoneer Account Registration (Sign Up) – Security Details

    If you fill up step 1 & 2 successfully you will see the step 3 as below screenshot. This is an important part for your payoneer account & card. Here you need to input your valid email address, password & security answer. This email & password will use for login your payoneer account. And if you forgot your account login details you need to retrieve your account by this security question & answer. So input these information carefully. Must be double check!

    Payoneer MasterCard Sign Up Registration

    Step # 04: Payoneer Account Registration (Sign Up) – Almost Done (Proof Papers)

    Now you are in final step. Submit your national ID or Driving License or Passport details information. And then click yes marks in 3 agreement is as below:

    • I agree to the Electronic and Cookie Disclosures and Privacy Policy
    • I agree to the Terms and Conditions and USP Service Terms and Conditions
    • I agree to the Pricing and Fees

    Payoneer Mastercard Sign Up Registration

    After provided your identity card (National ID or Driving License ID or Passport) information you must agree there terms and conditions, fees & privacy policy.

    And then click the FINISH button to complete your sing up option. And now what?

    Payoneer MasterCard Approved Time

    After submitting your application Payoneer will take 2 to 3 business days to review your application. If they get everything & satisfied they will send your a confirmation message to inform you that: your payoneer account has been approved & you will get your MasterCard withing 30 business days.
    And if they not satisfied about your information they asked to you about more proof papers to your email. And you must reply that email with there asking papers. If you able to provide your account will be approved instant.

    How to Activate Your Payoneer MasterCard?

    After approved your Payoneer MasterCard you will receive your Card within 2-4 weeks. Its depend on your location. Payoneer will take maximum 30 business days to reached this card in your hand.
    When you get this card, you need to activate Payoneer Card to do work with it. How you will active your mastercard?

    Log in to your Payoneer Account by your email address & password (remember, you will provide this email & password in Payoneer Application’s step number 3). After log in your payoneer account add your card number you see in your card AND your 4 digits PIN number you want to set. And then click submit. Your card will activate instant and you will see $25 balance in your account when you load your first $100.

    And that is all.